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Chris Hedge

27 February 1942 – 20th August 2012

Chris Hedge

Tributes from the World of Aviation:

Chris was a legend for all of us in the aviation industry. It is hard to believe that Chris took off for his last mission. I feel very sad. Sincerely yours,

Alfred Seiterle (Switzerland)

I only met Chris the once, 5 or 6 years ago when I called at his house, but we've corresponded for ten years or more. His open generosity with his vast knowledge and experience has really helped me, but his probing analyses forced me to think deeper into, and understand better, what we do in aviation, and why we do it. I know that he was fairly well advanced on a paper dealing with harmonisation of PAPI with ILS, to be co-authored with Tony Smith, and it would be fitting for that to be completed. The industry will miss him. We've all lost a stimulating friend. I will miss him.

John Ferguson (Research Engineers Pty Ltd, Australia)

This news really hit hard. He struck me as an exceptional person, beyond his wealth of airports’ information. Obviously I need not say it, but any obituary should include his important contribution to the industry on an international level. This is a significant loss.

Eduard Alf (Flight Standards Division, Transport Canada – Ottawa)

Chris was my Aerodrome Inspector when I was Director of Operations at Humberside International Airport and we became very good friends. When he resigned from the CAA, I shortly afterwards lost a battle with Humberside Country Council over my contract and was forced to leave having established the Airport with Chris’s help. I then set up Airport Operational Services Ltd and Chris was involved in many projects. To name a few: Sheffield City Airport, Oban Airport and very recently Waterford Airport in Ireland. He was writing a paper for the CAA (co-authored with Anthony Smith) and on the day he died he was working on a lighting scheme for an Airport in Iraq.

Terry Marsden, (Airport Operational Services Ltd.)

I don’t really have any more than has already been said. It is true that he could be impatient with idiots, and he encountered his fair share in the CAA, but fundamentally he was a kind and deeply sensitive person whose casual and sometimes almost flippant manner concealed a truly brilliant mind, and the compassion of a real gentleman. He cared as much for Humanity as he did for Aviation, and as we both know, that was a lot.

Harry Siepmann (former CAA Colleague)

I’ve benefitted from his knowledge, experience and practical advice over many years which have helped me greatly in my job. I’ll certainly miss that and his wry humour. There are not many colleagues left here that worked with Chris but those who are have spoken warmly about him.

Paul Fraser-Bennison (CAA)

Chris Hedge was rather unconventional to put it mildly.  It is a pity that he chose to work for two ultra-conservative organisations, the RAF and the CAA.  Unfortunately, the upper echelons these two establishments would and did fail to recognise his true genius as they would be and were obsessed with his outward appearance.

Roy Marsden (Former CAA colleague)

On behalf of Chris’s many colleagues in the UK airports sector may I express our collective regret on his passing

Tom Needham (Aerodrome Operators Association)

Very sorry to hear the sad news about Chris.. Chris played a key role in securing the CAA licence for Oban Airport and my thought are with his family and friends at this time.

Audrey Martin (Argyll and Bute Council)

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