Airport Operational Services
Terry Marsden Air Traffic Control, Aerodrome and Helipad  Operations

Control Tower Sheffield AirportVery experienced Airport Operations Manager and Senior Air Traffic Control Officer with over 50 years of Aviation experience; has a vast Knowledge of Aerodrome and Helipad Operations, Airline and Air Traffic Control procedures ,Helicopter and Aircraft Operations, Airside and Helipad Safety Management.Systems,Protocols and Procedures

Former Senior Air Traffic Control Officer at Humberside International, Sheffield City, and Benbecula Airports and the former Director of Operations at Humberside International Airport, Airport.. Project Manager for Airport developments including Radar installations, Control Towers, Runway Taxiway and Apron extensions, Aerodrome and Helipad Lighting Insulations,and planning, Private,Police and Hospital Helipad design.including lighting.and Operations

 The Flight checking of Aerodrome and Helipad Ground Lighting (AGL). Compiler of Aerodrome Manuals and Manuals of Air Traffic Services Part Two (MATS Part 2) ,Manuals of Flight Information Services Part Two (MFIS Part 2) ,Emergency Planning Documents and Helipad Safety Management: Protocals and P{rocedures.

Served on the UK AIRPROX ( C ) panel and the UK Meteorological Advisory Group and at present a UK Airport Operators Association representative on NATMAC.and their representive on the LED Aerodrome Lighting working Group.

Instructor and UK CAA Examiner for the Aeronautical Radio Station Operator's Licence (Air Ground), Offshore Communication Service Radio Station Operators Licence and the Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence (FRTOL), Instructor for the Aerodrome Flight Information Services Officer's Licence.

Responsible for rhe disign and overseeing the Installation of new Aerodrome Lighting at Redhill Aerodrome and Caernarfon Airport

Responisable for the surveying and design of Helipad Lighting Systems of a number of UK Hospital Helipads, including Grimsby, Kings Lynn, Margate,Telford, Shewsbury, Oxford, Preston, St.Brendan's Isle of Barra  Sheffield Northern General Hospitals and and the Helipad at Millport  on the Isle of Cumbrae. Acting as Consultant for the proposed new Helipads at Hull, Aintree and Scarborough Hospitals.  He works very closely with a number of the Air Ambulances Operators and Air Ambulance Charities, was responsible for the Helipad Lighting disign for East Anglia Air Ambulance new base at Cambridge Airport    

The Managing Director of Airport Operational Services Ltd.

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