Airport Operational Services

Peter Warren           Airfield/Helipad Lighting Engineer/Engineering Director

Carlisle AirportPeter is an Electrical Engineer who specialises in Airfield and Helipad lighting systems and has been involved with aerodrome lighting systems since 1996 and has completed the Aerodrome Ground Lighting training course ALG/1 at the training centre at Teesside Airport and was awarded a grade A1 pass, has  completed factory training on Safegate / Idman AGL Finland

He has was responsible for the installation of Aerodrome Ground Lighting at Sheffield City Airport, Gamston Aerodrome, Havefordwest Aerodrome, Lungi International Airport (Sierre Leone), Thorrock Aerodrome, Taxiway Lighting at Carlisle Airport and Helipad Lighting at, Kings Lynn Queen Elizaberth Hosiptal's  John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford ,Princess Diana Hospitall Grimsby ,Queen Mother,Queen Elizaberth Hospital Margate The Princess Roral Hospital Telford The Royal Shrewsbury Hospita,l Sheffield Northern General Hospital The Royal Preston Hospital  Cambridge Airport and the Srernsham Base of North West Air Ambulance also for the installation of an Approach light system at Dundee Airport and the installation of the Agnis light stands at Glasgow (Prestwick) International Airport, New,PAPIs at Exeter Airport,,Threshold Lighting,and New PAPIs at Waterford Airport Ireland,, new PAPIs and a Met System at Retford(Gamston) Airport and a Helicopter Approach Indcator (HAPI) at the State House in Lusaka Zambia,and the Installation New Aerodrome Ground Lighting at Redhill Aerodrome and Caernarfon Airport.  

He carries out the maintenance of the Aerodrome and Helipad Ground Lighting Systems at, Carlisle Airport, Haverfordwest Airport  Gamston Aerodrome  Kings Lynn Hospital, Telford Hospital, Shrewsbury Hospital and the Sheffield Northern General Hospital  

Peter is the Engineering Director of Airport Operational Services Ltd

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