Airport Operational Services

Dave Eastgate Air Traffic and Navigational Aids Engineer

Dave working eith his equipment.Very experienced Air Traffic Engineer (ATE) providing consultancy, design, project management and maintenance for all aspects of Air Traffic Engineering including :

Radar Systems, Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Non Directional Beacon (NDB) Digital Direction Finders (DRDF) Ground to Air VHF and UHF Communications, Meteorological Equipment Digital Recording Systems, Computer Systems Telephone Systems, Structured wiring and cabling systems and all AC and DC power supply.

Responsible for the install and commission of the new Control Towers at Southampton and Sheffield City Airports and the upgrade of Navigation Aids and Control Tower Systems at Swansea Airport.

Responsible for the Air Traffic Engineering at Gloucestershire, Swansea, Carlisle, West Wales, Haverfordwest Cumbernauld and Oban Airports.

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