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Colonsay, Scotland. Airport Operation Services Limited is a fast growing Company which specialises in Consultancy and Engineering suport to Airports, Aerodromes and Hospitals in all aspects of Aerodrome and Helipad Management, Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Engineering, Aerodrome and Helipad Ground Lighting (AGL) Installation and Maintainance, Aerodrome and Helipad Operations and Aerodrome Licensing issues, we have a wide range of very experienced Consultants and Engineers;,a number of which were former Inspectors with the UK Civil Aviation Authority. (CAA)

We offer services in the up-dating of Aerodrome Manuals, Aerodrome and Helipad Safety Management, Protocols and Procedures, Safety Management Systems,, Aerodrome and Helipad Audits, Aerodrome Airside Operations, Air Traffic Control, Flight Information Services, Air Ground Operations and Offshore Communication Services

, A complete package for Aerodrome and Helipad Construction, Ground Lighting, Design, Supply of Fittings, Transformers, Cable, Control Systems, Windsocks,Portable Helipad Lighting, Installation and Maintenance,  Commissioning and Flight Checking, Upgrading and Maintenance, Radio and Navigation Aids Engineering, Fire and Rescue Services, Training,and  Emergency Planning, Runway,Taxiway and Helipad Maintenance Inspection, Runway Visual Aids Design.

Instrument Approach Design, Aerodrome and Helipad Surveying, Safeguarding, Airport and Helipad Development.

We have a team of leading Consultants and Engineers for all the aspects of Airside Operations at Airports, Aerodromes and Helipads and we can provide you Help and information on the development of your Aerodrome Heliport or Helipad

We can provide assistance to Large International Airports, General Aviation Aerodromes, Small Grass Airfields, Water Aerodromes, Heliports, Private Helipads, and Hospital and Police Helipads

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